{ What to Wear in Family Photos }



Deciding what to wear for family photos can be challenging and overwhelming because these images are going to hang on your
walls for years to cherish. I've created this guide to help you pick the perfect wardrobe for your family.


#1 Dress Comfortably
Wear what you're comfortable in. If you're not comfortable in your clothing it will show in your images.


#2 Coordinate Your Colors
Choose 1-3 colors for your images, you want ones that are similar in tones and have everyone dress within that color palette. Stick with all dark or all light. Light top and dark bottoms will make your top portion look bigger and vice versa.

#3 Neutrals
I'm a neutral lover! I find it to be very flattering and timeless. Neutral muted tones photograph best and are most likely to go with the color scheme of your home. This will keep a classic, timeless feel to your images. Avoid vibrant colors, these tend to give color casts on your skin.


#4 Wear SOLID Colored Clothing
Everyone wearing solid colored clothing bring the focus to the face in the images and prevents one person from standing out from the others. If you do choose a print, pick colors from that to coordinate the other family members.


#5 Choose a Top with Sleeves at least to the Elbow and Long Pants or Skirt Longer than your Knees
Arms and legs draw the eyes attention away from your face, you also want to be able to sit and bend without too much leg showing

#6 Hair and Makeup
Wear your hair and makeup like you normally would, you want these images to represent who you are. If getting your hair cut, do so two weeks before your session.

Accessories are a fun way to add pops of color and different textures to your images. Ties, scarfs, layers, and jewelry are great ways to accessorize. Keep it simple, too much will take attention from your face.

#8 Textures and Layers
Scarves, sweaters, belts add to your images.






These images will be on your walls. Choosing clothing that is simple, classic clothes will give you timeless images to treasure for years to come.